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Help/Systems and IBM Offer Automation, Data Access, Security, and Virus-Protection Solutions for POWER7 Systems Running IBM i

Announcing IBM® i Solution Editions—your chance to bundle the experience and expertise of IBM with the experience and expertise of independent software vendors (ISVs), like Help/Systems, to maximize your IT investments. IBM Solution Editions are built on POWER7® processor-based systems to minimize complexity, and reduce energy consumption, downtime, and costs. They're offered to you at discounted prices through a network of IBM Business Partners when you also purchase the ISV's software for the solution edition.

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Doug Fulmer, Help/Systems' Channel Partner Manager, and Chuck Losinski, Product Support Manager, detail the nuts and bolts, cost savings, and other benefits you can enjoy with the Help/Systems Solution Edition.


Help/Systems Software Plus POWER7 Hardware

The IBM i Solution Edition for Help/Systems lets you bundle the POWER7 hardware offerings with your choice of any combination of Help/Systems software: the Robot Automated Operations Solution from Help/Systems; SEQUEL data access and analysis software, and productivity tools from SEQUEL Software; IBM i security solutions from PowerTech; and virus detection and monitoring solutions from Bytware.

Help/Systems is a group of industry-leading, IBM i-focused companies that are totally dedicated to customer satisfaction and support. Help/Systems develops, markets, and supports the world's leading software solutions for IBM i systems.

"Help/Systems is a big believer in the IBM i marketplace," says Doug Fulmer, Systems Architect and Manager of Technical Services at KS2 Technologies. "They provide a constant stream of innovative products to help make IBM i systems even more powerful and efficient. And, they are investing in products, support, and partnerships that will help drive the success of IBM i on IBM Power Systems well into the future."

The Bottom Line

Together, IBM and leading ISVs, like Help/Systems, provide solutions that blend the power of IBM Power Systems™ and IBM i with top-notch business applications, superior service, and first-class support. IBM i Solution Editions can help your businesses:

  • Increase insight for confident decision making
  • Improve productivity, efficiency, and responsiveness
  • Reduce operations costs and increase flexibility
  • Keep the costs of acquisition and ownership reasonable and competitive

Benefits of the IBM i Solution Edition for Help/Systems

With the IBM i Solution Edition for Help/Systems, IBM offers discounts on the POWER7 systems with the purchase of Help/Systems software; Help/Systems adds the FREE training and services outlined below.

Power 720 and 740 Express

The Software

PowerTech: IBM i Security Solutions

Companies today face enormous security challenges. They need to maintain the security of their systems and critical data while ensuring compliance with regulations, legislation, and security best practice requirements.

The PowerTech Group is the leading expert in automated security solutions for IBM Power Systems running IBM i. These systems host sensitive corporate data, so every organization needs proactive security to manage today's compliance regulations and data privacy threats. Companies rely on PowerTech® to provide the information they need to stay informed and enforce security.

  • Compliance Monitor™ audits system security data, helps define security policies, and provides proof of compliance.

Compliance Monitor

  • Authority Broker™ manages powerful user profiles by allowing users to swap into higher privilege profiles, and audits activity during the swap.
  • Network Security™ monitors and controls network access through common exit points such as FTP, ODBC, and Telnet.
  • Interact™ sends real-time notification of IBM i security-related events to a SIM console.
  • DataThread™ monitors database changes in real time and provides notification, authorization, and reporting.
  • Command Security™ monitors selected commands and lets you define customized actions to control unauthorized use.
  • PowerAdmin™ creates and manages user profiles across multiple systems from a central management system.

With PowerTech solutions, you efficiently and effectively secure your critical IBM i systems and data, while you comply with SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and other regulations. For more information, visit www.powertech.com/products.

The Robot Automated Operations Solution: An Integrated Suite of IBM i Automation Tool

Managing a data center is never easy—you have to handle staffing, technology, and regulatory issues. The key to a smooth-running data center is to automate your operations. Help/Systems has over 28 years of experience providing operations automation solutions. Today, the Robot Automated Operations Solution is a complete line of software dedicated to automating Power Systems (System i,® iSeries,® AS/400®) running IBM i.

Here's a quick overview of some key parts of the Solution:

  • Robot/SCHEDULE® software automates common operator duties, including job scheduling and batch job management, and lets you schedule jobs based on time, date, events, and more.

The Schedule Activity Monitor (SAM) helps you monitor your job schedule in real time.

The Schedule Activity Monitor (SAM) helps you monitor your job schedule—in real time.

  • Robot/SCHEDULE® Enterprise is a Robot/SCHEDULE add-on that lets you schedule jobs and monitor events on Windows,® UNIX,® and Linux,® servers connected to your IBM i server. You can create an event-driven job schedule that spans multiple servers and platforms.
  • Robot/ALERT® notifies an expert or group of experts if your system needs help. It sends text, e-mail, and pager messages in response to system or program events.
  • Robot/NETWORK® monitors your IBM i network (or partitions) for events that need corrective action to automate and centralize network management. It also distributes operating instructions for the Robot products to networked systems automatically.
  • Robot/CONSOLE® monitors system console messages, resources, and system logs, redirects or suppresses messages automatically, notifies experts, and performs recovery procedures.
  • Robot/SAVE® backup, recovery, and media management software, automates the process of saving and restoring IBM i data. Robot/SAVE is also a disaster recovery package that can restore one or more objects, or an entire system.

Each product in the suite can work independently to automate its own operations management area. Together, they offer a complete workload automation software solution for IBM i servers, systems, and networks. For more information, and a complete product listing, visit www.helpsystems.com/products.

Bytware Solutions for IBM i

Bytware solutions help you monitor, manage, and secure your IBM i world. Bytware started supporting the IBM community by automating monitoring and notification. With the addition of the only native anti-virus solution for IBM i, Bytware has become a leader in virus protection.

Today, Bytware identifies each customer's needs and delivers the tools to make their business the best it can be.

  • MessengerPlus® & MessengerConsole® offer automated monitoring and alerts to help you control your IBM Power Systems servers and stay in-the-know.
  • StandGuard Network Security® protects your Power Systems servers with object-based exit point control.
  • StandGuard Anti-Virus® provides advanced virus detection with McAfee power that is designed specifically for IBM i, AIX,® Linux,® and Domino® servers.

Bytware solutions are backed by more than 20 years of experience and thousands of installations, including at least one division of every Fortune 100 company. For more information, visit www.bytware.com/products.

Safestone: Multi-Platform Security

Safestone translates the mass of security data generated from IBM i, AIX, and Linux into essential information through flexible and scalable solutions.

  • Compliance Center for AIX and Linux simplifies collecting and converting your audit, compliance, and security events into reports in a variety of formats with a flexible, query-based reporting solution.
  • Powerful User Passport protects your most sensitive data by managing the number of powerful users and providing a comprehensive audit trail of their activities.
  • Network Traffic Controller reduces PCI compliance risks, blocks external threats, and tracks where users go by controlling exit point access. It also anticipates problems and gives instant notice of access violation.
  • User Profile Manager restricts access to role-relevant data, helping increase productivity and cut costs in addition to securing information.
  • Password Self Help replaces expensive, time consuming Help Desk resets with user-prompted, self service password reset that improves security with custom authentication questions.
  • DetectIT Agent for RSA SecurID uses two-factor authentication to protect your assets, achieve compliance, and increase access security for employees, customers, and partners without breaking your budget.

For more information, visit www.safestone.com/products-a-z.

SEQUEL Software: IBM i-based Data Access and Analysis, and More

As the economy becomes more global and competitive, your business must continually find ways to increase sales and reduce costs. You must target your marketing dollars accurately, use precise sales tactics, and monitor results in real time. SEQUEL Software™ specializes in software that makes systems running IBM i the most powerful and efficient in the world.

  • SEQUEL™, the premiere data access and analysis software, is designed for all users. Executives can display, e-mail, or extract SEQUEL results from IBM i or remote databases using desktop icons. Power users can manipulate data using views (queries). Administrative staff can easily run reports and processes.

With SEQUEL, you can extract information from your databases; summarize transaction data and send it to a desktop dashboard or a Web browser; create custom reports quickly; and use dynamic drill-down to analyze data in depth, even information from other platforms.

SEQUEL dashboards provide clear, easy insight into your business.

SEQUEL dashboards provide clear, easy insight into your business.

SEQUEL Software also offers:

  • SEQUEL Web Interface,™ work with your SEQUEL objects from your Web browser
  • ABSTRACT,™ an integrated set of programming tools
  • ESEND,™ automated e-mail distribution and notification
  • AnyDate,™ a software utility that lets you override the IBM i system date and time

For more information, and a complete product listing, visit www.sequel-software.com/products.

The Platform

IBM i Solution Edition for Help/Systems, A Powerful, Scalable Platform

IBM Power 720 Express (tower)IBM Power 720 Express (tower)


The IBM i Solution Edition hardware for Help/Systems is based on the latest generation of POWER7 systems from IBM, a powerful, scalable, 64-bit computing platform. You can order rack-mounted or desk-side models of the 4-, 6-, or 8-core IBM Power 720 Express systems, and IBM Power 740 Express systems with as many as 16 cores, and enjoy all the IBM Solution Edition discounts (see the Benefits of the IBM i Solution Edition for Help/Systems insert).

IBM Power Systems provide an advanced computing architecture that can run IBM i, AIX, and Linux applications simultaneously. They offer much improved levels of price and performance, and feature industry-leading energy consumption and power management tools.

IBM i is an advanced operating system that includes IBM's DB2 relational database, U.S. Department of Defense certified levels of security, Web services, high-performance Java application deployment options, and world-class ease-of-use, for minimal downtime and lower costs.

IBM Power 740 Express (rack-mount)IBM Power 740 Express (rack-mount)


IBM i Solution Editions help businesses take advantage of the experience and expertise of IBM and its ISVs to build business value in IT investments. Each Solution Edition provides an affordable, simplified, easy-to-manage, high-performance IT environment for core business applications.

No Assembly Required

Check out the IBM Systems Magazine article, No Assembly Required.

Mix and Match Software

Current and new customers qualify for the Help/Systems Solution Edition by upgrading existing licensing; by adding additional software products; or by adding or upgrading any other software available from the Help/Systems companies.

More Information For more information about IBM i Solution Editions, contact your local IBM Business Partner, or contact Brian Wenngatz at brian.wenngatz@powertech.com.

More Information

For more information about IBM i Solution Editions, contact your local IBM Business Partner or visit the IBM website.

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