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Over 500 filtered events can be assigned a critical event level and sent to any security information management console including:

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Real time IBM i Security events

The IBM i™ platform (formerly known as AS/400) typically houses the most business critical data in an organization. As companies broaden their focus from perimeter security to insider threats and regulatory compliance, the IBM i needs to be monitored as diligently as other nodes in the network.

The leading IBM i security company, PowerTech, sends security events in real time to Security Information Management (SIM) solutions or Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). PowerTech Interact sends over 500 security events in real time to syslog from the audit journal, operating system, and network. Security Information Management solutions can correlate and aggregate the IBM i events with logs from many different sources. Users don’t have to worry about configuring batch ftp file transfers or the complexity of language and CCSID conversions.

Enterprise consoles that support IBM i events from PowerTech include Internet Security Systems™ (ISS) RealSecure® SiteProtector™, TriGeo, HighTower, RSA enVision, Splunk, LogRhythm, and OpenService. It also has enhanced compatibility with ArcSight's Common Event Format (CEF).


Interact at a glance:
Sends over 500 different events from the AS/400 to syslog in real time Integrate with Security Information Management solutions and identify breaches in real time

Monitors events from the System i audit journal (QAUDJRN)

Examples: Changes to user profiles and system values; invalid login attempts; objects that are changed, deleted, moved; intrusion detections; etc.

Monitors access through AS/400 exit programs such as FTP, ODBC, and remote command

Look for unauthorized access to data across the network

Monitors and captures error events from Apache Web Logs

Know in real time when there is a problem with the web server
Captures and sends critical operating system messages from QSYSOPR or QSYSMSG  Monitor critical events such as "Profile disabled due to invalid logins" or "Critical storage threshold reached" 
Filters events by user, IP address, day, and time; and assign criticality Customize the information and reduce the volume of events sent to remote consoles

Simplifies complex audit journal details by converting them into plain English.

Operators don't have to be AS/400 experts to read the data

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