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PowerAdmin Benefits

Manage user profiles across multiple systems from a central system

Meet compliance requirements

Document user profile settings

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Centralized User Profile Management

PowerAdmin provides a centralized approach for administrators to create and manage user profiles on one system, or across multiple systems. It offers several options for managing user profiles, depending on how much (or how little) you want to manage automatically. It allows for multiple setup methods, depending on whether you are setting up a new system or want to apply PowerAdmin on one or more existing systems.

Using PowerAdmin, you can simply create a user profile. Or, define a user profile template to apply a consistent set of settings to a group of user profiles. When you change a template, PowerAdmin distributes the update to all corresponding user profiles across all systems.

The Central Administration menu, PowerTech's product management solution, installs on your system with PowerAdmin. You use the Central Administration menu to define templates, specify whether to use role-based product security, manage networked systems, enter product license information, view history events (such as changes to a template or new profiles) across products and systems, audit settings for discrepancies from defined templates, and apply remedies to user profiles when failures or discrepancies are found during an audit.


PowerAdmin at a glance:
Template-based user profile management

Maintain consistency across all profiles that use the same template.

Distribute template changes to all user profiles that use the template on all managed systems.

Centralized management

Eliminate the need to sign on to multiple systems to create or change user profiles.

Enter product license information for all managed systems.

Event History View history of all PowerAdmin and Central Administration events that have occurred across all managed systems.
Auditing Compare user profile settings against a template to identify discrepancies.

Take corrective action when failures are found during auditing by easily applying remedies to user profiles.

Remedies allow you to update value records or ignore failures, and can be applied manually or automatically.

Reporting Provide documentation of user profiles, history, and settings.
Role-Based Security

Specify access rights and assign users to a role based on job responsibilities.

Compliance with security regulations Control user profile authorities and privileges with template-based management.

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