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Protect your own turf with insider info on PCI 3.0 compliance for IBM i
Just released! The 2013 State of IBM i Security Study. Learn the top IBM i security exposures and how your systems compare. Download the study...
Managing Privileged Users on IBM i PCI Compliance Blueprint for IBM i… Learn more... Request a FREE IBM i Compliance Assessment

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The Hacker's View of Cyber Security
Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2:00 p.m. ET
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HelpSystems 2014 Worldwide User Conference
June 16 - 19, 2014

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White Papers

13 Tips to Write Secure Applications
and Boost IBM i Security

Security. It surrounds every aspect of life in the new millennium, and it’s never going away. So who’s responsible for the security of an IBM i server and DB2 database? IBM builds the hardware and develops the operating system, application vendors and internal programmers write the business applications, and users maintain the corporate data. This exclusive white paper highlights 13 key areas to consider when securing data and maintaining compliance, along with recommendations on how to address them.
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Getting Started with IBM i Security
No system stays bulletproof forever. From beginner basics to advanced tactics, this white paper provides the background and instruction you need to restore your iSeries security back to its former glory.
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The 2013 State of IBM i Security Study
IBM i remains one of the most securable servers, but poor configuration and missing security controls can result in unauthorized data access, fraud, or worse. This study shows you the most common and dangerous IBM i security exposures and outlines how to correct them. Download the White Paper to learn the 6 dangerous IBM i configuration defaults, IBM-recommended security levels and settings, and the most common lapses in IBM i compliance.
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Recorded Webinars

Part-Time Superman—Managing Users with Elevated Privileges
One of the greatest challenges to securing any IBM i environment is protecting the system from the people charged with its care: programmers, administrators, and security officers. This session covers vulnerabilities associated with powerful users and how to regain the control your auditors demand while allowing your administrators and programmers to do their jobs.

Developing Secure Applications
Although your IBM i server is one of the most securable platforms available, the protection of critical data is often undermined by weak security design at the application level. This session covers the most important security considerations for programmers as they design their applications.

Reduce the Cost and Effort of IBM i Auditing
At one time or another, every system administrator and security officer faces the question “Who did it?” IBM i puts the ability to audit at your disposal, but how do you convert the raw data into useful information? This session covers security details, configuration metrics, and other information auditors want to see.

A Primer on IBM i User Profiles and How To Properly Deploy Them
Few areas affect the security of your IBM i server as much as your user profiles. Knowing how to configure and maintain user profiles correctly is critical to preventing unauthorized access to your data. View this important session to learn about the security aspects of user profiles.

A Decade of IBM i Security: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Don’t miss a decade’s worth of research on the security configurations of IBM-i based servers and the successes and failures of organizations that run critical applications on them. Over the last 10 years, PowerTech has audited thousands of IBM i servers around the world, gaining extensive, real-world insight into the deployment state of IBM i security controls. Join us for the 10th anniversary of this wildly popular study: The State of IBM i Security.

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For centuries, the Seneca people have made their home in the western portion of what is now New York state. Today the Seneca Gaming Corporation operates a number of casinos, hotels, and golf courses in the area, and PowerTech helps keep their data secure.

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CD Technologies

C&D used PowerTech Authority Broker's detective reporting capabilities to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

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First Security Bank

PowerTech Network Security provides consistent monitoring and control of internal access to First Security Bank's iSeries systems.

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Bank of Stockton uses PowerTech automated solutions help improve security and compliance.

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